Pump and Dump

The Last Hype

Pump and Dump is a community driven decentralized crypto token
which supports charity with every single transaction.
- P&D is KYC verified and audited! -

Presale has started!


Why should you invest?

A crypto token that you can trust

Transparent verifiable crypto accounts with traceable transactions
Fast BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain
Generous charity is included while targeting the moon
Reachable on social media
Honest and trustworthy

Final goal?

1 P&D Token = USD 1
Should be achieved by 2025


Can you trust in

Pump and Dump?

Yes you can

All transactions are traceable. For more information, click on the BSCScan links below:

2/3 of the tax goes to charity:
One-half will go to a cancer research wallet and the other half to an animal shelter wallet.
The first transactions will be sent in October 2022 and then following every three months.



  • Token name:Pump and Dump
  • Ticker Symbol:P&D
  • Minimum Purchase:No minimum buy
  • Maximum Purchase:No maximum buy
  • Total Supply:100 billion tokens
  • Decimals:9
  • Automatic LP:3%
  • Tax:3%
Additional presale information
Presale period: April 11, 2022 to April 30, 2022
Presale rate: 1 BNB = 10,000,000 P&D
Softcap: 50 BNB, Hardcap: 100 BNB
Presale offers you 64% discount also the automatic LP and tax is turned to 0%.
Most of the money raised from the presale will be invested in the marketing of the upcoming ICO.
The tokens of the presale should be locked for 60 days.
Cointool has not responded to our inquiry why this is not displayed. Unfortunately, despite interacting with cointool's smart contract and setting 60 days, it is now confirmed that it is instant claim.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 100,000,000,000

  • 50% Locked
  • 25% ICO
  • 9% Marketing
  • 7.5% Add liquidy to cryptocurrency exchanges
  • 5% NFT lottery (1000 NFT) with 1/10 chance of winning
  • 2.5% Second NFT lottery top secret
  • 1% Presale

Roadmap V2

Phase 1

Website launch

Phase 2

Lock 50% of the tokens
Marketing and NFT Lottery

Phase 3


Phase 4

Add liquidity to PancakeSwap

Phase 5

PancakeSwap listing
CoinMarketCap listing
CoinGecko listing

Phase 6


Phase 7

Exchange listings

Phase 8

Create own NFT art platform powered by P&D tokens

Phase 9

Second NFT lottery

Phase 10

Crash on December 21, 2025 → please read the FAQ


Whitepaper, Audit, and KYC



Total prize pool: 5 billion P&D tokens!
Each winner will receive 50 million P&D tokens.
The chance of winning is 1 of 10.

How to win?

1,000 P&D NFTs are for sale at opensea.io
All NFTs are numbered from 1 to 1,000.
100 of the 1,000 numbers are drawn by a random generator.



Frequently Asked Questions

Difference to other tokens?

Pump and Dump tokens are based on the Binance Smart Chain.
P&D's unique selling point is its commitment to charity and something that no other coin will offer you:
Pump and Dump will crash on December 21, 2025.

Why does Pump and Dump crash on a particular day?

It is a big problem for crypto investors not to know when investments crash. P&D solves the problem by announcing the day it will crash.

How is the crash caused?

The closure of 50% of the tokens will end on December 21, 2025 and they will be for sale immidiatly.

How to buy after ICO?

1. Connect your wallet to Metamask
2. Deposit BNB into your wallet
3. Go to PancakswapV2
4. Select a currency and enter the Pump and Dump contract address into the search field: 0x2394A0c3E65187E309c244eD70A3dDBa5e4eae4F
5. Click the mouse wheel and set the slippage to 8%
6. Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button
7. Confirm the transaction